Craft Show Fun

by Amber Bowie May 15, 2016

On April 30th, we had the pleasure of being apart of a local Philly craft show.  The GoWest! Craft Fest is a local market that features artisans, live music and performances at The Woodlands Cemetery in West Philly.  We had the honor of showcasing our new Spring/Summer line amongst some of Philly's most creative artists.


Our table at the GoWest! Craft Fest

Along side my Aunt Stefani w/ Threet Ceramics

We had such a blast and was seated right next to my Aunt Stefani who creates BEAUTIFUL ceramic pottery under Threet Ceramics.  Check out more of her work here

And more pictures! I was very happy with our display! This was our 2nd craft show ever, so we're still learning and building but I was SO happy to see much success with our cuff shorts, which launch next week :) 


Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia's table

MMofPhilly's craft show table

lots of bracelets and headbands for mother's day!

I also tried PB&Jams food truck which was AMAZING! I haven't had the chance to check out Philly's food truck life out yet, but that PB&J had me super excited to lol! A warm peanut butter and jam sandwich with bananas and chocolate! Delicious! My girls stayed behind with my Grandmother, but the event did have a TON of attractions for kids like live performances.  We had great seats too ;)



Although it was pretty windy and a bit gloomy, the turn out was great and we had such a great time!  Learn more at GoWest Craft Fest here!



Until next time!


Amber John





Photos by Amber John via 

Amber Bowie
Amber Bowie


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