Motherhood: Running Errands

Amber Bowie



I always think back to one particular morning, the girls and I headed to my favorite craft store and of course I had a few other stores to visit.  There I was, in the parking lot of Joann's, struggling to pull out our super huge double stroller (everyone calls it the baby limo lol).  We had just purchased it and I was struggling big time with getting it open.  Kennedy (my 2 year old) was jumping up in down in the back seat of my little Chrysler Seabring (we miss you Reds!) and Khloe, who was still on the feeding tube at the time, was hooked up to a feed, which was hanging from one of those little hanger hooks in the backseat. It was about 9am and I vividly remember all of the little older ladies walking past me with a little smirk, like they were remembering those days... it took me a good 20 minutes to get the stroller out and set, the girls strapped in, the feeding tube hooked up, my diaper bag hooked up and off we went!  Finally! Into craft-heaven!   I didn't even spend 15 minutes in the craft store because they didn't have anything I needed (I totally online shop now lol)!


It's safe to say, I think long and hard before we head out to run any errands lol.  The mall has to be our favorite place.  At least I know it will take me 20 minutes to unload the girls but we'll spend at least 2 hours roaming the mall.  Like today,  I decided to go grocery shopping, pick up office supplies, and grab some tops to embroider with the girls.  Errands are much easier when dad is along, especially because our lovely limo "stroller" is stuck in the trunk (booo!) and I have to baby wear Khloe and chase a highly active 2 1/2 year old. Ha! Let's just say it's only 1pm and I am already ready for bed lol!



Here's to motherhood!  





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